Expansión Tienda Capri, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Nuevo Centro Judicial de Caguas, Puerto Rico

Amgen Juncos, Puerto Rico

Best Buy Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Escorial Alto Apts Carolina, Puerto Rico

IPR Pharmaceuticals, Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

MSE Walls BR-1 AND BR-2 Support At The Mall of San Juan

Parque Eólico Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Puerto de las Américas Ponce, Puerto Rico

Nuevos Almacenes para Bacardí Cataño, Puerto Rico

P.R.E.P.A Power Plant Upgrades in Mayaguez




IPR Pharmaceuticals Re-Use Water Tank, Canóvanas, Puerto Rico


Construction of a concrete mat for the installation of a pre-engineered steel, 83.25 foot diameter, 30 foot high water tank.

Subsurface Conditions:

Medium stiff to stiff clay fill to depths of 12 to 17 feet, underlain by medium dense to very dense residual sand and silt to the maximum explored depth of 49 feet. Groundwater was encountered at depths of 10 to 14 feet.

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